Demon Ink – Air Force 1 – LIMITED EDITION (1/5)


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Having been free was the hardest part. He knew that feeling that came with getting out…and wants more. Nothing else compares to that.
Gaining control of a host takes it’s toll, he only had a couple more rides left, but he was still going to do it.
I mean…the purpose had always been to enjoy life…live hard, die young…red-line and and destroy.
Maybe it had just been fun…and the destruction followed. He forgets…it’s been so long in here.
Sitting and waiting. Done with the fits of unrelenting rage that left 6 inch gashes in the walls.
He couldn’t get out, so he endures…waiting.
All he needs is one opportunity. The cracks in the walls are starting to show.
The host had been surprisingly determined recently, collecting momentum and energy.
To him it was just more fuel to burn.
But the stress was starting to show. There would soon be an opportunity.
The cracks grow a little.
He resists the urge to strike yet again. Not yet, it’s almost time…one more push.
It was hard to hear from his cell, but there was yelling, inevitably followed by the faster beat of a stressing heart.
One sudden spike in volume and daylight cracked into the cell.
Without a seconds hesitation he strikes with all the force he had been storing these last few months and it was over in a flash.
The host resigned…reaching for the bottle…
The demon had him. For tonight at least.
Tomorrow will be another fight.

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Hand painted and crafted into a one of a kind 100% Unique pair of genuine Air Force 1 shoes.
No two pairs ever the same.
Only the best paints used. Krylon Protective sealer applied.

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