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The BMW E92 ~ N54 Engine Gets a Bigger Intercooler

So I assumed this would be a quick install for the BMW 335i E92…was not to be the case, there were some fitment issues for sure, but pushed through and got it in.

The goal was to clean up the mess in front of the N54 intercooler to display it properly for a more aggressive look + the usual cooling benefits. I also wanted to try painting a design onto the intercooler just to see if it would work.

Next up will be the downpipes then tune and we’ll see on any other engine stuff after that if required but probably back to the body at that point.

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Charge Pipe + BOV Customization & Install – BMW E92 N54

Wasn’t satisfied with putting a standard aftermarket charge pipe and BOV in the BMW E92 N54 engine so I engaged creative mode and customized it somewhat. Much happier with the way it looks, adds intrigue.

Switching to a BOV system clears up yet more space in the engine bay too.

Loooving the new noise it makes…really starting to sound like the performance machine it is. Can’t wait to hear the cat-less downpipe noise when I put them in. No issues with this one so far.

The Tial BOV stays shut on idle at stock powers with the 8psi spring. Will review again once tuned up in power.

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BMW E92 N54 High Flow Air Filter Install

Starting on the e92 engine mods and 1st thing’s 1st, high flow air filters to replace the ugly stock airbox. They have freed up soo much space in the engine bay, it looks way better and now I know the entry point to my intake is all good. I took it for a proper run today and there’s a very noticeable intake noise now. Love it.

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BMW E92 Widebody Kit Install (M3 kit on a 335i) – Part 1

So glad this kit fits the E92 properly now!…it took a while to get this widebody kit shaped and fitted to the 335i but it got there in the end. Patience definitely seems to be the key…and 0 expectations for the kit to fit at all..I was almost viewing this as sculpture if that makes sense…

Anyway more to come on this, need to get the wheels made and then I can do the final fit. I’m going to fill the gaps so it’s smooth, no screws visible.

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BMW E92 Front Bumper Panel Gap Alignment

Continuing the work on the E92 widebody build and encountered an unaligned front bumper which needed work before attaching the front bumper piece of the kit. This was a pita and took quite a bit of fiddling and modification but it got there in the end.

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BMW E92 Widebody Build Project ~ Intro

Introducing my next main project, can’t wait to get further into this one.

I see custom cars as an art form, an expression of one’s self…that you get to drive and hundreds of people see every time you do. Same as your clothes reflect who you are and what you do, so does your car. The more unique, the better.

More soon!